Spending time with wildlife is one of the most amazing experiences a human can have. It is a solitary and spiritual experience being one with nature in its rawest form. If one is lucky enough you can witness birth, hunting and the kill where no man can interfere as this is nature at its best.

I hope to convey in my photos some of the joy I was privileged to witness.


I’m sure I was destined to be a nomad, as I love to explore this small planet of ours. I have travelled to a lot of countries and hope to see more before I depart mother earth.

I have tried to capture some of the towns and cities I have visited, as well as the countryside which appeals more to me than the big cities. In the country it is quieter, less people who are more friendly and are prepared to share their experiences with you.


This is a newish venture for me, as I have mainly done weddings for friends and work colleagues.

I was satisfied with the results, and would love to do more weddings in future.


I thoroughly enjoy doing portraits either in a studio environment or in the comfort of your own home. I have my own portable lighting for this. Shooting at home is more relaxing for the subject as it is a safe environment, unlike a studio which can appear quite clinical. I also love doing Boudoir, so if any ladies are wondering what Christmas/Birthday present to give their lover, then this is the ultimate.


I have worked with a lot of professional models as well as amateur aspiring models. This is a showcase of my time in studio or on location.

This page contains a lot of explicit nudity, shot with women who are very proud of their bodies and are not afraid to show it to the world. A lot of trust is called for with model and photographer as there are come very compromising positions and closeness. Enjoy. I most certainly did.


I have participated in a lot of sport from an early age, and still enjoy the thrill of it all. I also like to capture other people doing their own form of sport. I welcome anyone that wants events covered no matter how small.