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Lynn Cocksedge Photography

Welcome to my little space on the internet. I hope you enjoyed your visit and liked what you saw.

I consider myself an experienced photographer. I bought my first camera a Practica B 35mm Film camera with a loan from my mother when I was still at school aged 15. I think that I have inherited my love of photography from my father who was a professional photographer, and had his own studio in Durban in the late 40’s. Being actively involved in amateur theatre, I saw an opportunity to make some money by photographing the cast who were in full costume during dress rehearsals. This was the only opportunity to capture them in full costume before the shows started. After four different shows I repaid my loan to my mother and was on my way to being able to upgrade to a Minolta SRT101. I only recently retired this camera. 

 With the technological advancements in photography I changed to Digital Photography as film was becoming expensive and with digital the results were immediately available. I still consider myself a bit of a purist, and I like to get the image right in camera, without the use of editing software, which I use very sparingly, or unless I want to create a special look or feel to an image.

 I like to dabble in all forms of photography, and these include:

  • Portrait – which includes outdoor or studio work and encompasses Family, Individual, Glamour and Fashion.
  • Sport – which is mainly Motor Sport, also Athletics and Rugby.
  • Wedding – I have photographed 6 weddings here in the UK and South Africa.
  • Landscape – which include mountains, forests, seas and lakes.
  • Tourism – I capture the essence of any place that I have visited, and try to capture different perspectives
  • Adult  – I also do adult style photography , only as special requests from clients.
  • Wildlife – A huge passion of mine. I have been photographing wildlife since the age of 15 and have spent many an hour in a game reserve waiting for Lion to wake up.
  • As I grew up in Kenya, I was blessed to have visited some great game reserves, Amboseli, Tsavo, Aberdere, Masai Mara and also Serengeti in Tanzania. I also climbed Mt Kilimanjaro 3 times whilst at school and the last time in 1994. I also climbed Mt Kenya 2 times as well as the smaller mountains of Longonot and Suswa. I consider myself spoilt and privileged to have grown up in such circumstances where all this was possible.

    Most of the wildlife photos on this site were taken by me at various game reserves in East Africa and South Africa.

    If you have enjoyed you walk through my site and would like some work done in any form, please fill out the CONTACT page and I will get back to you.